Must Have Items to Enhance Your Boxing Game

So, you’ve decided to start boxing. Good for you. It’s a sport that offers numerous benefits, not limited to your physical fitness. And it doesn’t require a lot of athleticism when you’re beginning. You can acquire that through lots of practice.

Of course, if you wish to start training, you’re going to need boxing equipment. There are the obvious ones such as boxing gloves and hand wraps. But there are other things that you’ll need aside from the basics, especially if you plan on sparring with a partner. 

So, we created two lists. One is a compilation of all the must-have items that will help you jump-start your journey as a boxer. And the other is for someone who’s already been at it for quite some time and wants to go further.


What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing Training as a Beginner?


While some items are basically the same for a beginner as well as an advanced boxer, there are some slight differences that should be noted. Below, we discuss the important features and types that you should get if you’re just getting started.


Most people are unaware that there are two types of gloves that are available for a beginner – bag gloves and training gloves. 

Bag gloves, as the name implies, are boxing gloves that are specifically made to hit a heavy punching bag. This type of gloves typically has extra padding to give your hands extra protection while doing bag work. It will prevent your hand and wrist from getting injured. More importantly, you can use it to learn your technique before you start sparring with someone.

Training or fitness gloves, on the other hand, are like all-purpose gloves. You can use it for bag work as well as for sparring. They can provide you with enough protection to do bag work but also has enough shock absorption when you’re boxing with someone. 

Take note that experts generally recommend that you only stick with one intended use per set of gloves. This ensures that the gloves don’t wear out too fast, losing the effectiveness of their protection and shock absorption. That being said, if you aren’t sure what you’re going to use the gloves for, training gloves are your best bet.


It’s not enough to wear gloves while boxing. You also need to wear hand wraps to provide extra protection to your hands and wrist. Hand wraps can also help prolong the life of your gloves. Any sweat and blood on your hands get absorbed by wraps instead of your precious gloves.

There are different types of hand wraps available. The best options for a beginner are the traditional and the Mexican style.

Traditional hand wraps are perfect for beginners as they are quite versatile and can fit hands of varying sizes. Mexican style wraps are similar but provide a little more elasticity and better support. These wraps also provide a tighter wrap, less likely to come loose. 

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A punching bag is a necessity if you plan to train at home instead of the gym. It’s an excellent tool to help you build strength and endurance. Take note that a heavy bag is just one type of punching bag. It’s the one we’re most familiar with – the one we often see in the movies and TV. 

This cylindrical bag hangs off the ceiling and typically weighs between 70 to 150lbs. It can have hard or soft fill. The material can be made of canvas, leather, or vinyl. Experts recommend that you buy a heavier bag than a lighter one. The weight will keep the bag from swinging too much when you hit it real hard.


Aside from a heavy bag, a boxer is going to need a speed bag for his home gym. Practicing on a speed bag can help you practice hand-eye coordination, speed, focus, and stamina. A good speed bag needs to be made of hand-stitched, high quality leather.


Cardio is a necessity when you’re training to be a boxer. Running is a good cardio exercise. But skipping rope is much better. Not only will it help you with your cardio, it will also help you with your stamina, speed, balance, and footwork. 


What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing Training as an Advanced Boxer?


In addition to the boxing equipment listed above, you’re going to need to include the items below when you start sparring.


  • Boxing Headgear

While you’re still beginning your training, chances are you’re not going to be sparing with anyone. But once you’ve got a technique, you’ll want to try it out. Of course, you’re going to be taking a lot of hits which means you’ll need to protect your face from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. 

You’ll also want to cushion some of the blows to your head. Take note that headgear doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a concussion or black out after getting too many hits.


What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing

Another essential piece of boxing equipment that you need once you start sparring is a mouth guard. This will prevent you from losing your teeth or splitting your lip every time your face is jabbed by your opponent.


When you start sparring, you might need more protection than just a mouth guard and headgear. A groin protector prevents guys from experiencing hits below the belt. A chest protector, on the other hand, helps cushion blows to your torso to prevent injury to your ribs and internal organs.

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