The World Punching Bag 4 FT XL 135 LB Made in USA


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The World Punching Bag 4 FT XL 135 LB by Nazo Boxing

Boxing and MMA are global sports, enjoyed all across the world, and you can honor the international heritage of combat with this stunning punching bag from Nazo Boxing.

Made to US standards on American soil, it’s decorated with the flags of many different countries from around the globe, including Japan, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, adding color and life to any gym space.

Key Features:

  •       Single-ended design
  •       4′ tall and 18″ wide
  •       Heavy-duty vinyl cover
  •       Double-stitched seams for optimal durability
  •       Weighs 135 lb when filled

Features the following flags (on top and bottom band): USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, Russia, Armenia, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, South Africa, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, Venezuela,  Philippines, France, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Brazil, and Italy.

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 48 in


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