Free Standing Heavy Punching Bag


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Free Standing Heavy Punching Bag by Nazo Boxing

Freestanding bags offer the advantage of being simple to set-up, without the need for overhead installation on a hook or grip, and they can be moved around as needed to a location of your choice, making them great for home gyms and professional workout centers too.

This Free Standing Heavy Bag is crafted with a high impact foam striking surface to withstand huge hits, with a strong vinyl outer cover that won’t rip or tear under intense workout pressure.

Key Features:

  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • 72″ tall, 16″ wide in the center, 27″ wide at the base
  • Weighs 170 lbs when filled (40 lbs empty)

Note: This is an over-sized item.

Special shipping charges apply. This product is not shipped internationally. Our customer representative will contact you to finalize shipping charges with you.

Call for product details at +1 818-787-0555

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